Dream to Driven, LLC

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Car washing

We will rinse your car, apply soap using a foam cannon, scrub off any surface contaminants, and then dry the vehicle. We will finish up the exterior with a coating of wax to ensure short term protection. We will then shampoo, scrub, and vacuum the interior back to it's former glory.

Vehicle ceramic coatings

Depending on the size of your vehicle and your budget, we will start with a simple wash, then we will clay bar the entire vehicle to ensure all surface contaminants are removed, followed by a 3 step paint correction and a 1 to 5 year ceramic coating on the entire body of the vehicle.

Vehicle wraps

Depending on the size of the vehicle or body panel you need wrapped, we will start with a wash and surface decontamination before laying down material to ensure proper adhesion.

Part installation

We cover a wide variety of parts including but not limited to: coilovers, camber arms, wheels, audio systems, bolt on exhaust systems, interior panels, exterior panels, etc.

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